Who we are?

Good taste70

is an independent watch label operated by Bernecker Uhren Werke (BUW) | BridgeWard AG,
CH-9464 Rüthi, Switzerland.

Based on and inspired by the ideas and drafts of our friend Giacomo Cortes, we designed several collections of high quality but nevertheless affordable watches for modern people. Since our team members enjoy working on the design of beautiful timepieces so much, you will be able to discover new collections at any time...

Beauty and Sophistication

Giacomo Cortes

Who is Giacomo Cortes? Financially independent and reclusive, Giacomo commutes between the family home in Como, his apartment in Barcelona and his hacienda in Sardinia. As the son of an Italian mother and a Spanish father, he unites the taste for the beauty of both countries in himself. Giacomo loves to be in the vineyards of Tuscany in the spring, or to enjoy the unsophisticated beauty of the Sardinian coast.

His motto is: the beautiful lives of sobriety.

We met Giacomo Cortes during a vacation in Sardinia and spent a memorable evening with him. Accompanied by a bottle of red San Gimignano he showed us his designs for a watch collection for the first time . And it was love at first sight!

Giacomo's request and command for us: share the experience of beauty with the world!