Some thoughts about time

  Giacomo Cortes  

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  About Time

As a creator and manufacturer of watches I'm constantly living with 'the time'.

But what does this mean for a citizen of the modern world in the 21st century? There is nearly nobody around me who doesn't constantly speak of time, hours, minutes and seconds. Time that is running out, time that is running away, time you'll never catch up with, time you'll never ever hold on to. Time that gives us always the feeling of being behind, missing the right moment, of running late.

But that is not the truth -- not at all.

Time shouldn't be stress, time should be beauty. Time shouldn't be seen as a chaotic run to somewhere in the future. Time should be lived as a balance between yesterday and tomorrow. Time should be lived as the equilibrium between stagnation and evolution.

Time is part of our nature.

And our nature shows us how to live with and in 'the time': calm, steady and perfectly balanced.

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