Classic Roma

Classic Roma, an elegant wristwatch that comes with a black leather strap and 7 additional nylon straps.

With this watch you'll get a donation certificate for 25 trees that will be planted in different countries around the world!

Lifelong Warranty.

3 Days

Product Details

20 Items


Casing gold

Dial black

Diameter 41 mm

Swiss movement, Ronda Quartz

Donation receipt for € 25.- from PLANT FOR THE PLANET.

For your donation, you will automatically receive a tax deductible donation receipt from PLANT FOR THE PLANET in the first quarter of the following year.

25 trees are going to be planted in your name when purchasing your Giacomo Cortes Watch! This is lived sustainability, which should secure the future of our world. And this is our way to stop climate change, create new forest parks and help the population of forest animals to survive along with us. Who wants to plant trees come and join us.

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