GC family package "FOUR our World"

With the Giacomo Cortes Climate Package FOUR you acquire with your desired 4 clocks half a hectare forest with 500 trees, which are able to neutralize 1 year of your 4 persons household's CO2 emissions.

In order to really live CO2 neutral, you should renew your tree donation annually!

3 Days

Product Details

30 Items


Swiss movement

Donation receipt for € 500.- from PLANT FOR THE PLANET.

For your donation, you will automatically receive a tax deductible donation receipt from PLANT FOR THE PLANET in the first quarter of the following year.

500 trees are going to be planted in your name when purchasing four Giacomo Cortes Watches for you and your family. Give your family a small forest - your children will thank you for that! Set the course here and now for the path to a healthy future worth living. Everyone can do something - even with comparatively little resources and effort. Remember: 3.5% of the population is enough to have a lasting impact on public decisions. We have to act now!

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