GC climate package "TWO"

Perfect for weddings, anniversaries or other celebrations that couples celebrate:

With the Giacomo Cortes Climate Package TWO you acquire with your desired 2 clocks a small forest with 200 trees, which are planted in your name.

3 Days
Climate Package TWO

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Swiss movement

Donation receipt for € 200.- from PLANT FOR THE PLANET.

For your donation, you will automatically receive a tax deductible donation receipt from PLANT FOR THE PLANET in the first quarter of the following year.

200 Trees are going to be planted in your name when purchasing two Giacomo Cortes Watches for you and your partner or friend. A great gift for two people who are concerned about our future! Join us in our fight to stop climate change, create new forest parks and help the entire population of wild animals to survive along with us. Who wants to plant trees and save our green planet come and join us.

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